Project #2: Client Re-brand + Website Refresh
Brand refresh for celebrity hair stylist, "Creese IV Hair" to "The Hairgician".
August 2019
Tania Cox
Creese IV Hair (pronounced Creese 4 Hair) is a long time well known hair stylist in the DMV. He wanted a refresh of his brand and had a "web designer" redo his existing web page where he booked clients.

Creese found a guy, who said he was up to the task. The designer returned something that was worse that what the stylist had before, and nothing short of awful.

For reference, it had tiny grey font on a black back ground and repetitive photo grids. It was created using a technology called Pagevamp which is a primitive page builder.Pagevamp takes your Facebook profile and 'makes you a website' with that content in 'seconds'. Cut rate agencies use this sort of 'tech' to create a high quantity of poorly designed web sites that can pass an 'eye test'.

The problem with this is you need more than a collection of photos and your business address online to have an effective website! A website is not simply a place you can go online.

In modern web design, there are many actual features that we look to bring to each page we build. You can read more about that here in my blog post: but essentially, the designer made an online flyer for Creese, not a website.

I stepped in and consulted with Creese, and he let me know he was ready to come up with a new name to go along with a new website.

Mr. Creese specializes in ethnic hair care, and wigs. I made sure to hone in on the things that made Creese different: his creation of male wig units.

Once we identified his niche and his ideal client, I was able to create a website that better showcased his offerings.

He and I decided to rename him 'The Hairgician' and I created a custom stylized font logo for him. I also created a new website for him, and integrated his existing booking platform per his request.

Take a look at the before and after. If you are in need of a website makeover, get in touch.I'd love to work with you.
The pictures above are what the client had before I came in the picture. Together, we came up with a new name for his business and I created the stylized logo in 2 fonts (a more masculine one for his barbering services).

I also made sure to include booking features, an about page, links to his social media, and testimonials. It was really important that I provided an updated look, that highlighted his creativity and mastery to potential clients. You can visit my client's website here:
The Hairgician Website
Stylized lettering logo with reto font and bling inside.View of website on different electronic devices.Styllized logo with script font and bling inside.
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