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Tania Cox

Tania Cox is former mixologist turned digital entrepreneur, with a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland in College Park. She is pursuing her masters in Information Systems and Technology, and enjoys the Tai Chi and participating in the local chess club. She is a design team of one, and started her company from the ground up.

In true Aries fashion, she loves novelty, adventure, and the spontaneity of life. As a self taught web designer and business owner, she has a passion for helping others who are self starters and full of ambition.

She has experience with business plan development, aligning goals with company mission statements, logo development, sales funnel generation, copy writing, UX design, and much more. She likes long walks to nowhere and bringing sand to the beach.

Favorite Sci-Fi movies:Ex Machina (2014)Inception (2010)The Matrix (1999)
She spends her time building and breaking things, researching products, playing with tools, and binge watching CNBC's The Profit.

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