Three Tips to Help You Start Blogging Today

February 21, 2019

Tip 1: Don't Ask Permission

Just START! I could wax on poetically about getting yourself ready for your first blog post and this that and the third but it feels better to just get on down to business, and dive in. So that's what we are here to do. DIVE IN. Even if you can't swim.

Take that leap of faith. Why?

A smooth sea never made a smooth sailor

If you keep waiting on the sidelines, the waves will look too scary to jump in and you'll become paralyzed in fear.

You also will miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Tip 2: Talk About Your Passions and Work

Speak from your lived experiences

What are you most passionate about? What are you already good at? What do you know like the back of your hand? It may sound simple, but talking about the things you are already good at give you a large amount of information to share to others.

You might be surprised who is interested in learning more about that thing you know so well. It could be how to write a resume, organize inboxes, personal time management, or how to make waist beads. Take the time to synthesize and share that information with others.

Tip 3: Contact a Content Writer at Obstitunity

If the above seems like too much of a challenge, don't worry, Obstitunity can help. We can have a Content Writer copy write an industry specific blog post that will cater to your nice or ideal customer. Is there a trend you would like to cover in your blog? Is there a how-to guide that customers routinely ask for, but you haven't gotten around to posting it? Take advantage of the market you already have created and allow us to do the rest.

Outsource anything that can free your time and double your productivity

This provides you an additional way to provide value to your customers, present as an authority in your field, and market yourself without selling. The more people come to know and trust your brand, the more they will happily share your brand and story with anyone who will listen. There is no price you can pay for word of moth exposure, not the genuine kind anyway. Business is more than numbers, it is also about people and the personal connection. Blog posts are a great way to show that you care, and are involved in giving back to others with time, information, or resources.

Today is the day to build the business of your dreams. Share your mission with the world — and blow your customers away.
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