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We’re a web design agency that helps small businesses thrive.

Juggling a business can be hard

There are many moving pieces that must be consistently accounted for. Even after you get to an established point in your niche, ensuring that your business venture is thriving in a way that truly supports you and your family is separate challenge.

As a small business owner, I know all about those problems and I want help you to succeed.

It is my goal to help you showcase a sustainable and profitable product in the market place. Obstitunity has the tools and the expertise to help you better orchestrate your business processes and work flows. Our attention to detail will ensure that you provide a professional look, and feel to your customers.

For starters, E-A-S-E is our middle name and a cornerstone value.

It is important for you to know how we approach the collaborative and creative process of web design. Ease doesn't always mean easy, but we strive to simplify things where we can.

Affordable doesn't mean cheap, but we understand how to choose cost effective solutions. In addition, we offer very valuable services to our clients that are high impact, and high performing.


Our web design services range in price starting from $800 and going up to $3500. We provide custom bundled packages designed to give you just what you need for where you are in your business. Our services are an investment in yourself, your business, and your processes. We provide a type of value that our customers cannot get anywhere else and our solutions generate the results that allow businesses to grow and flourish.

Sophistication and savvy are essential to providing an enjoyable and effective customer experience. We will provide a standard that your customers will love and want to naturally share with others.

E-A-S-E is Efficiency, Affordability, Sophistication, and Effectiveness. It's how we get the job done and what we use to guide our solutions for customers. -Tania Cox

If you have a need for a local or U.S. based web designer, look no further. We are a reliable, responsive, and professional web design and digital marketing agency ready to work with you.

What we are best at

Our Services

Mobile Friendly Design
Do your customers have a different experience on a phone compared to a computer? Are you always telling people to use the desktop version? Stop telling prospects how much you hate your website before you ask them to visit it.
Do you know how to sell online? Do you know who your customers are and how to reach them again and again? Can you do this automatically? Our design process discusses your overall business strategy. We can help you diversify your products and grow your income.
We can provide self service platforms such as a virtual classroom or an online store. We can also manage them for you and update the content as necessary. We provide reports so you know how your website is helping grow your business.
Business cards, 1 page websites, logos, Learning Management Suites, Quiz funnels, Social Media Templates. If you have a need for it, we design and build it for you.
Training & Support
We provide fast technical support to our clients and monitor the websites we build daily. We also provide hands on training for all digital products.
"Go from nowhere to go,
to know where to go!"
Seriously, make your next move, your best move: contact us for business consulting and advice so you can tap into underutilized markets.

Our Web Design Process for Small Businesses

  1. Discover:
    During this phase, the main focus is in depth information-gathering. It is a very important step to ensure that we build you the correct site for your needs. We will use the information gathered to create the necessary requirements document to makes sure we are using the correct technology to ensure your website can perform as promised.

    Examples of questions we ask are:
    What does your business do?    
    Who are your competitors?
    What sets you apart from your competition?              
    What is your ideal client or customer?
    What is the goal of your website?
    Who is currently coming to your website?
    Is there a
    budget for your web presence?

    For some prospects, the budget question can cause a bit of anxiety. In our experience, having upfront knowledge about your concrete budget allows us to accurately create a website and marketing plan that can be executed.

    First, it indicates how serious a business owner is. If you are not willing to invest in marketing yourself, why should someone invest in your products? Second, it indicates importance. This is a collaborative process and people place a high degree of importance on things they have to pay for. Clients are less likely to drag their feet on a project with a price tag, and a deadline. It is for that reason, we do not work with prospects who "have no budget."

    Some marketing plans cannot be executed without a minimum budget and by knowing your price point, it helps us to better consult and advise you on your available options. Be advised, web design and marketing are not free. The design company works in conjunction with tools, such as Facebook ads, or Mail chimp, to effectively market you to your ideal audience.

    Pro Tip: These tools have their own cost and you should have a budget of at least $2500 to divvy up and cover the cost of getting started with digital marketing for you business if you are starting from scratch.
  2. Plan:
    During this phase, we take the information and requirements gathered from the Discover phase, and create a strategy to provide the ideal set of services to each client. The review and creation of an SEO strategy in a big part of the planning process.

    Here, we consult on specific search terms for your industry and create a spread sheet of keywords/key phrases. We audit the existing SEO focus to assess and gaps that need filling. After adopting the SEO strategy, we then make a plan of the features that you want used on your site, and talk about how they well work for the functionality of your business.

    This is how we ensure navigation of your website is user friendly, relevant, responsive, and efficient. After all, what is the point of adding functionalities to your site such as chat, or instant messaging, if you do not know how to properly use the feature?

    We talk about these things and what will be required from you as a business owner going forward.
    After talking about the desired tools and their functionality on the web site, the next steps are to review and develop the content for your website.

    Clients may or may not have the content they need for their website and it is important to establish the need for engaging and relevant content for your website visitors. It is at this point we outline what the content should be, and who should write it. A client may decide to hire a freelance copy writer at this point, or use our services.

    The most important thing is that we outline what kind of content needs to be on your page, and who is responsible for creating it. Deadlines are established for content creation at this point in the process.
  3. Design:
    This is third part where the look and feel is created for the website. Good design is influenced by the content of the web page. Since we have taken considerable effort to establish what that content should be, the next step is to use that to guide your customer journey.

    After informing your visitors about your services, is it clear what action users need to take? Good design is more that colors and the type of font you use on your website. Good design is well thought out and removes barriers to buying your services. This is the part where we ensure that we encourage users to take a predetermined action to reach out or buy what you are selling.
  4. Development:
    This is the stage where the rubber hits the road and we put everything together. Installations take place, and the mock up is completed for client review. The mock site is tested by the client, and any necessary revisions are made.
  5. Launch:
    After the review of any changes, the website is launched. Your site goes live, and we talk about ways to monitor your business via Google Admin (Webmaster) and Google My Business. This is the exciting part where you finally have a website that you are proud to send customers to.
  6. Maintenance:
    This final step is crucial to ensuring that your investment in a website is giving your business the return you are looking for. What if after looking at the results from your Google Admin profile, you realize traffic is not as high as you would like it? Or customers are bouncing off of your page before they buy anything?

    There could be a slew of things that you notice after your website launches, that you need help with. What if you need help with updating your menu of services, or your location changes? Your website should serve as the authority on new updates with your business. Do not rely on social media posts to communicate changes or updates with your brand. Making sure content, security, analytics, and tracking are reported on is crucial and can require professional help.

    We can help you figure out what maintenance is 'do it yourself', and what maintenance solutions we can offer you as a continued service for your business.
If you still have questions about the above process, our prices, or how we can help your business with web design and marketing, click here to send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.
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